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Stay in the Loop with CareTree

CareTree care management and coordination software will make your life easier - whether you’re caring for a loved one directly, have a hired a caregiver or are working with an agency.

Which situation are you in?

Caregiving often creeps on us. They’re doing fine one day and then something happens, like a fall or hospitalization. Now you’re left reeling and wishing you were better organized before. Good news! CareTree can help!

Managing Care Ourselves

There is a lot of manage when you’re caring for someone. There are medications, appointments, and keeping everyone else informed.

With CareTree you can keep track of it all, it's incredibly simple, and completely secure. Just create your CareTree account and then create a profile for the person receiving care. You can enter all of their personal information, medications, and even upload important documents like the Power of Attorney and will. Then invite others to access the profile. With each person you invite, you can completely control their security level so you decide who can see what. Invite the rest of your family, other caregivers, friends that may help out, and doctors. Instead of sending out emails, or playing phone tag, CareTree will automatically share information about the care that is happening for your love one.

Best of all, this is FREE! It only takes a few minutes to start, so do it now!

Hired a Caregiver Yourself

After overcoming the monumental challenges of finding and hiring a caregiver, now you have to manage them. How do you know what they're doing during the day, when they arrive, and when they leave?

With CareTree, you can have the caregiver call in from your loved one's phone and It automatically checks them in. It can also read them messages and task lists you've left for them — so you can make sure they receive it. You'll see when the caregivers check-in, check-out, and what tasks they completed. Their billable hours will automatically be calculated for you, making accounting easy. Many caregivers don't have smartphones and you may not have internet at your loved one’s house, so the telephone option is critical.

Make your life easier. Signup for a professional CareTree account today!

Hired a Company

Home health and home care companies can be great. They do the hiring, management, and training for you. However, many agencies haven't entered the 21st century when it comes to communication. You're wasting time playing phone tag to out what is going on and often just left in the dark. I can get a text message from my dog walker, why can't you get real-time updates about your loved one?

CareTree solves all of this. Nobody knows more about your loved one than you. If you have access to better information, then you can make sure the best care possible is being provided. If you want to know what is happening in real-time, get alerts about emergencies, and stay in the loop, then setup a CareTree account and invite your caregivers. CareTree works with many of your caregivers existing systems, so it's not extra work for them. In fact, CareTree increases efficiency so they can have more time to focus on providing better care for your loved one.

The only reason they're not using CareTree now is because they don't know about it. Help them, help yourself, and help the rest of the families they serve by signing up for a FREE family CareTree account now and inviting them!